Saturday, 14 November 2015

Gurudongmar Lake: Paradise@18000ft

Gurudongmar Lake at almost 18000ft. is one of the highest lakes in the World, placed by nature, in the beautiful Himalayas of northern Sikkim, India, serving as one of the sources for the roaring River Teesta, is one place you 'must' feast your eyes upon.
Having got the chance to visit the Lake recently, I definitely find myself lucky. Yes, even the locals there consider, that good luck needs to be on your side, to visit the Lake, considering its very high altitude, thats about 11000ft. less than The Mount Everest !

The Gurudongmar  Lake

Visiting the same, demands a long road trip, but if you got some cool friends along, which I did have, would only make your trip as amazing as the destination.
Starting off from Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, you need to make an ascent to reach a township called 'Lachen', that is at about 9000ft. It is highly recommended that you spend some hours or perhaps a night there, to adjust your body to the change in levels of oxygen and atmospheric pressure.
After the brief break at Lachen, starts your further ascent of another 9000ft. 
But, it needs to start as early as 4 a.m.,
since you need to visit the Lake and return by 11 a.m. as the Indian Army does not permit anyone beyond this time.
On your way, you would find some amazing scenic beauty of the rich Himalayas, which would only put you in an awe.

On the way to the Lake

 At 15000ft., you are stopped at an Indian Army camp, for passenger verifications. There, you meet some very humble men of the Indian Army. There you can get your oxygen levels checked, they give all tips you would require at the height, and also stop people from further ascent who could be at risk. Also, you can have some super-delicious samosas, momos at 'Cafe 15000ft.' of the Indian Army.
Now, with the final 2800ft. of ascent, will start, what I would call 'Paradise', without any exaggeration. The scenic beauty would only make your jaws drop.

On the way to the Lake

The temperature there at -5˙C, wouldn't bother you anymore.
Nature, at its best would be right there for you. With the cold deserts, snow covered mountains, some rare animals, its an absolute delight for nature lovers. With every incredible view, you would feel a cheer inside. You know you have reached your destination when you spot a Gurudwara, which is again the highest on the planet.
The first view of the Gurudongmar Lake, would only double your cheer, guaranteed !
Its awesomeness cannot be contained in words. But, with its pure, peaceful, perfect blue water, you only feel the serenity around. Perfectly silent, with its incredible beauty making all the noise.

P.S. The visit was during the mid of  November. Other months, with varying seasons, have their own version of its incredible beauty. A 'must' place to visit, especially for you, since you read this till the end :-) .

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