Sunday, 18 January 2015

Benefits of growing a beard


Many men grow beards because they like the way they look or
because it makes them feel rugged. Plus, there is no denying
the fact that it saves a lot of your morning-routine time!
Most of the popular style icons like Ben Affleck and
George Clooney have started growing one too. Be it to
impress the ladies or to make a fashion statement, a beard
does draw attention. However, did you know that growing
a beard has actual health benefits as well? Researchers
have suggested that growing beards have some absolutely
unbelievable health benefits — including preventing skin
So, here are a few reasons to forget your razor for a while
and why you shouldn't wait until November every year to
officially grow a beard.
Beards protect our Facial skin from harmful Ultraviolet
rays: While most of our body is covered by clothes that
protect our skin from the harmful UV rays of sun, our face
is more vulnerable, as it is exposed. Chances are really
high that when facial skin is constantly exposed to UV
rays, one can develop skin rashes or even skin cancer. A
beard covers most of your lower face and neck perfectly,
thereby protecting the skin.
Reduces allergies & infections: Your beard and moustache
works as a filter that helps to keep allergens from entering
your nose and mouth, thereby reducing chance of allergies
and skin infections. Be sure to treat your beard right and
ensure you wash it regularly.
Beards make the skin look smooth and younger:
Blemishes and cuts are common among who shave on a
daily basis, leading to roughness of the sensitive facial
skin. While growing beard can automatically help you be
blemish-free. What's more? No more cuts either! Though
having a beard can make one look significantly older, the
skin still remains young!

Natural Moisturizer: For a person who regularly shaves,
seasonal changes like heat and cold cause dryness to the
skin. Additionally, heavy use of cosmetic products that
claim to keep the moisture intact, can have an adverse
effect on the skin. Your face has its own built-in
moisturizing regimen (sebaceous glands) which secretes a
natural oil that keeps skin moisturized.

These glands tend
to get eroded due to constant use of a razor. Growing a
beard can help these glands function naturally and keep
your skin smooth and young.

Prevents illnesses: Believe it or not, having a beard can
help you keep illnesses caused by sudden climatic
changes (like a cold or cough) at bay. Your beard often
can serve as an insulation against outside temperature,
trapping your body heat from escaping and keeping your
face and neck warm. This is especially recommended for
those who are constantly on the move.

— Contributed by Abhishek Suresh
Source: The Times Of India

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